iNVANCiTY is brought to you by a dedicated team of storytellers. Our company is called Kahani Pictures and we are dedicated to improving communities by sharing stories from diverse voices. Meet the team and see what we're all about.

Kahani Pictures

Beautiful films that make things happen.

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The Team

Mark Busse

Mark is an organizational leader, creative strategist, engagement specialist, community builder, & certified leadership coach.


Inder Nirwan

Inder is the founder of Kahani Pictures and a dedicated filmmaker. He's also funny, witty, handsome, and writes his own bios.


Gerald Situ

Gerald is the friendliest guy you'll ever meet. He is also a professional highliner and trains newcomers to the local highlining community.


Mitch Francis

Mitch is an award-winning filmmaker with more than 10 years of experience. He has extensive experience in many aspects of filmmaking. Mitch has directed and created films, commercials, and over 200 music videos. Working and collaborating with artists, actors, and constituents of various experience levels. Mitch is driven to tell beautiful stories with cinematic visuals and heart.


Tricia Stevens

Tricia works on our long-term relationships with valued partners in active campaigning.


Avantika Sivaraman

A recent graduate, Avantika wears many hats - production, marketing, research.


Dani Barker

Dani has been producing projects for over a decade. She’s developed series with networks: TBS and OUTtv, along with producing a feature film (in festivals) and directing four short films. As a professional actress and filmmaker, she is committed to the craft of exploring the humanity behind every story and helping clients feel comfortable on camera.